Pas de café, pas de télé, pas de sexe

a film by Romed Wyder

No coffee, no TV, no sex film Romed Wyder

Vincent Coppey, Alexandra Tiedemann


No coffee, no TV, no sex is a dramatic comedy. It is the story of Arno, a 27 year old living in the Geneva squats. His best friend, Maurizio, obtained a residence permit for Switzerland through an convenience wedding. Nina, Maurizio’s girlfriend, is French but would also like to live in Geneva: she faces the same administrative obstacle. In order for her to obtain a permit, Maurizio convinces Arno, for the sake of their friendship, to marry her out of convenience. Reluctantly, Arno accepts and Maurizio, unsuspecting, leaves for a few days. Alone with Nina, Arno, usually shy with women, falls in love with her. She falls in love with him. When Maurizio returns, Arno cannot hide the truth from him. He and Nina end up telling him about their relationship. They reconsider the arrangement and try to settle the dilemma together…

written by Romed Wyder and Maria Watzlawick
directed by Romed Wyder
with Vincent Coppey, Alexandra Tiedemann, Pietro Musillo, Nalini Selvadoray

Paradigma Films in coproduction with Radio Télévision Suisse and Suissimage
Distribution in Switzerland: Agora Films, France: Boomerang Productions, Belgium: Eliza Films and Germany: Neue Visionen Filmverleih

fiction – 87 min. – Switzerland – 1999

Prime à la qualité Genève, “Cannes Junior” award Bratislava, 2 nominations “Prix du Cinéma Suisse”
Festivals: Locarno, Villefranche, Namur, Hof, Augsbourg, Soleure, Las Vegas, Alger, Vienne, Bratislava, Lyon, San Francisco, Valencia, Bourboule, Karlovy Varly, Port Townsend, Hambourg, Alexandria, Rome, Tachkent

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