And there was Israel…

a film by Romed Wyder

film And there was Israel de romed Wyder


The film returns to the origins of the creation of the State of Israel and looks at the history of Zionism (1896-1948) under the very specific angle of the responsibility of the Western World. Through the analysis of internationally renowned scholars and astonishing cinematographic archives, the film shows that in adopting the zionist project, Great Britain and other Western countries have been guided mainly by their own agenda. Thus the West does not only bears a heavy responsibility in terms of the fate of Jews in Europe at the time, but also in terms of the fate of the Palestinians today.

written and directed by Romed Wyder
with Susan Akram, Riccardo Bocco, Sahar Huneidi, Henry Laurens, Ilan Pappe, Eugene Rogan and Shlomo Sand

Paradigma Films in coproduction with Nouvelle Tribu, Les films de l’œil sauvage, Radio Télévision Suisse and Histoire
documentary – 52 min. – Switzerland/France – 2018

Premiere at Festival du Film et Forum International sur les Droits Humains, Geneva, 12 March 2018

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