a film by Romed Wyder

Absolut film Romed Wyder

Vincent Bonillo, Delphine Lanza


The day Alex tries to put a virus in the computer system of a bank, a car accident makes him lose his short-term memory. When he wakes up in hospital, he discovers that he has been lying in coma for two days. What has happened? Alex follows a therapy in order to recover his memory of the day of the accident. For him, visions and reality are thrown together in a confusing maze. Alex tries to escape from this muddle but what he discovers turns out to be rather frightening… The film Absolut is based on real events.

written by Yves Mugny, Romed Wyder and Maria Watzlawick
directed by Romed Wyder
with Vincent Bonillo, Irene Godel, François Nadin, Delphine Lanza, Véronique Mermoud, Ulysse Prévost

Paradigma Films in coproduction with Radio Télévision Suisse, Almaz Films and Laïka Films
Distribution in Switzerland: Frenetic Films and Germany: Neue Visionen Filmverleih

fiction – 94 min. – Switzerland – 2004

Festivals: Locarno, Bangkok, Soleure, Saarbrücken, Rotterdam, Salerno, Washington, Seattle, Genève, Brooklyn, Shanghai, Sydney, Alpinale, Dubrovnik, Raindance, São Paulo, Leeds, Manille, Denver, Leipzig, Damas, Mar de Plata, Wien, Tiburon, Chisnau, Kiev, Sousse, Santiago, Stresa, Tel Aviv, Havana, Sétif, Singapore

Nomination for best original screenplay at EBU in Berlin

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